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Panaji CA comes to aid of Bethoda woman who lost savings due to demonetisation

Ponda: An elderly woman from Bethoda, who had lost all hope after realising that currency notes she had, amounting to some thousands, were of no value due to demonetisation, has heaved a sigh of relief after a chartered accountant came to her ‘rescue’.

V B Prabhu Verlekar, a chartered accountant from Panaji, recently donated a sum of Rs 52,000 to Bhima Gaonkar,  aged 75, as a social obligation. Verlekar also assured the woman of helping her in future if needed.

 “After reading a news article about how the woman lost her lifesaving of around Rs 52,000 due to demonetisation and with no hope over replacement of the notes due to Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) rules on demonetised currency notes, I decided to help the woman on my own,” stated Verlekar, while speaking to this daily.

He thanked this daily for bringing out the news and highlighting the plight of the elderly woman.

“The news that appeared in this daily brought the issue to my notice and it gave me an opportunity to serve the needy woman,” he said. V B Prabhu Verlekar visited the elderly woman at her house at Taiginyem in Bethoda and handed over cash of Rs 52,000. Along with him, his bank officer friend Uday Desai, deputy sarpanch of Bethoda and others were also


Upon receiving the money, the elderly woman could not hold back her tears of joy. “I am happy that I have not lost what it took me my lifetime to earn,” said Bhima Gaonkar, while speaking to this daily.

Gaonkar earns a living by selling wood collected from the forest. She made the belated discovery regarding the worthlessness of the demonetised notes when she went to buy medicines with the notes she had.

The elderly resident had heard of demonetisation when it took place way back in 2016 but had never paid attention to its implication. Like many villagers, she had stashed her savings in hidden places like utensils, crannies in the wall, etc.

Following the news articles on this daily, Ponda police had seized all the notes from the elderly woman assuring her help through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The local panchayat too had visited the woman and made assurance of help. But before their assurance could become a reality, the CA from Panaji came to the rescue of the woman.

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