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  • Rural To Urban

    State decision to leave out some areas is questionable The government decision to categorise 56 villages as urban areas is being strongly opposed by the residents of the concerned villages. Villagers of Candolim, Saligao, Chicalim and Sao Jose de Areal have passed unanimous resolutions opposing the change. Other villages are …

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  • Lack Of Quality Power

  • Political Violence: Clear Policy Needed

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  • Nag Panchami – Respecting the snakes

    Sanjeev V Sardesai Reptiles have been part of many of the world’s most famous stories. The snake Vasuki, who volunteered to be the rope in the ‘Samudra Manthan’ (mythological ‘churning of the sea’) by being wound around the Mount Mandara; or the dreaded cobra Kaliya who was subdued by Lord …

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