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‘Paa’ is close to Big B’s heart

‘Paa’, the 2009 movie directed by R Balki, which opened the retrospective of Amitabh Bachchan films is very close to the heart of the megastar.

“R Balki had very strong feelings about an illness called progeria,” statedBachchan, pointing out that progeria is a terrible disease that children go through, wherein they age very rapidly and by the age of 12 start looking and behaving like people, who are almost 75 years old. “They don’t have a much longer life after that, and most of them perish by the age of 13,” he added.

Speaking further, the celebrated actor informed, that Balki felt that he could not just bring to the audience the concept of what progeria is all about, but also build a wonderful emotional, yet entertaining story around it.

“Every time I work with Balki, he comes out with some weird ideas and I keep asking him how the hell are you going to execute them, and what the heck have you’ve been drinking before you thought of this!” he exclaimed.

Bachchan stated that ‘Paa’ was a successful experiment, wherein he enacted the role of the progeria-stricken child of a father played by his son, Abhishek Bachchan. A special mention was also made about the make-up of the character of the child suffering from progeria.

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