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Over 4100 motorists penalised for parking violation in city



Over 4100 motorists have been penalised by the Panaji traffic cell for traffic violation pertaining to obstructive parking and parking in no-parking areas in the city since January this year.

Most of these cases were in the last two months wherein the traffic police carried out strict enforcement against illegal parking in the city.

“We are trying to bring in discipline among road users. I would request motorists to use the designated parking lots to park their vehicles,” said Panaji traffic cell in-charge PI Brendan De Souza.

He said that government or private, whichever vehicle creates hindrance to road traffic by parking in obstructive manner or in the no-parking area is being clamped and the driver is penalised.

The minimum fine for this traffic violation is Rs 100, informed the police. The traffic police have penalised drivers of around 30 government vehicles for parking in no-parking area or causing obstruction to road traffic. Similarly, the police have also penalised drivers of around 643 vehicles for parking on zebra crossing. By parking on zebra crossing, the motorists are denying right of pedestrian, said the

Apart from that, the police have penalised around 304 motorists for parking in the lots earmarked for persons (riders/drivers) with disabilities in the city.

The police have urged the general public to refrain from parking their vehicles in the lots earmarked for persons with disabilities and also on zebra crossings. Overall the traffic police have booked a total of 4157 cases pertaining to no parking or obstructive parking and have penalised the driver/riders.

Two months ago, the traffic police had started strict enforcement against illegal parking in the city wherein in the first few days there were on an average 150 violations a day. However, such violations are on the decline with police attributing it to the enforcement.

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