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Over 100 cops manning Agassaim-Cortalim traffic

PANAJI: Over 100 police personnel have been deployed along the Agassaim-Cortalim road which is witnessing traffic congestion since the last few days reportedly due to the damaged road conditions. There is also restricted road space owing to the ongoing construction work of new Zuari bridge and fly-over from Agassaim to Cortalim, informed police.

With traffic congestion, the police even have stopped issuing challans to motorists for traffic violation along this particular road stretch and that no vehicles are being stopped for checking, informed a police officer.

Police said that even though the traffic jam is due to the bad condition of road, the police personnel deployed for traffic regulation is at the receiving end. “Some motorists especially two-wheeler riders are unnecessarily arguing with police personnel as if police are responsible for traffic congestion,” said a police officer adding that people should observe discipline on the road and follow lane system to avoid being the cause of traffic jam.

According to information, over 100 police personnel which include traffic, district police and the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB’n) have been deployed for traffic regulation.

Police said that one of the main locations where traffic congestion is witnessed is between the Agassaim police station to the Y-junction (while proceeding to Panaji) which is around 500 metres. The government has issued instructions to the contractor to expedite the work on the road diversion from Y-junction till near the Agassaim police station and also the contractor has been asked to remove the barricades which are not necessary.

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