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Organic is the new black

In an age characterised by stress and busy schedules, health and well-being seem to be the need of the hour. Porvorim-based Saukhyam is a wellness space that invites consumers to make healthy choices, finds NT BUZZ


In recent years, Goa has witnessed a visible shift in consumer trends toward health and wellness. Consumers today are opting for healthier products and services in a bid to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Porvorim-based Saukhyam was born out of a passion for conscious choices and a growing demand for such products.

Conceptualised by brother-sister duo Somin and Simran Mahatme, the conscious lifestyle and wellness space is a first-of-its-kind in Goa. “The name ‘Saukhyam’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘well-being’,” shares Simran. And truly the term is embodied in the space that brings together a carefully curated collection of organic, green, healthy and eco-friendly products from around the country. The store houses more than 85 brands spread across food essentials, personal care, nutritional supplements, home care, and upkeep.

Simran holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, and a master’s degree in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management from MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy, while Somin has a bachelor of commerce degree from the Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Bambolim. According to the duo, entrepreneurship is something they just happened to stumble into after noticing a gap in the Goan market when it came to all-natural and organic products.

Wellness is more than just a fad; it is a way of life, they believe. “It’s the day-to-day choices that we make which ultimately affect our quality of life, whether it’s our personal health, the surroundings we live in or the practices employed for production of goods that we use on a daily basis which define our, and the society’s, overall, well-being,” says Simran, adding that today Goans are more aware about the benefits of switching to healthier alternatives and are making a conscious decision to do so. “Everyone is well-informed and cautious about the nutritional value of what they eat, what they apply or what they wear and where it comes from and how it’s made. People today are on the lookout for superior quality products and are willing to pay the price for it,” she adds.

In its bid to turn the tide of fast fashion in favour of more ethical and environmentally-friendly alternatives, Saukhyam has recently introduced Bandhej, a brand synonymous with contemporary Indian wear that uses traditional Indian techniques to create unique pieces. “We strive to bring together suppliers who follow ethical business processes, humane labour standards while working for the larger good of all stakeholders. Our definition of profit is to include human, societal and environmental cost and net social and environmental gain along with the financial gain as the true profit,” she adds. Saukhyam endeavours to not only sell products but to satisfy a need by providing better substitutes and along the way educate the customers on holistic choices. “From the very beginning we tried to source products that were essentially made in India, since we do believe a country like ours has everything we would need, and I’m happy that if not all then at least 90 per cent of the products at Saukhyam are made in India,” she adds.

The space also hosts a yoga and activity space alongside that plays host to various classes including hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and aerial yoga while also serving as an ideal location for interactive workshops. “We conduct workshops that complement the crux of Saukhyam. In the past we’ve conducted a workshop on fermented foods in collaboration with chef Moina Oberoi from Mumbai and are planning to have exciting ones like vegan cooking sessions, etc,” she says.

In operation for a little over a year, Saukhyam has garnered an impressive following and numerous footfalls. This was not the case in the beginning, shares Simran, adding that although there was a ready clientele out there, reaching out to them proved to be a challenge. “The only way we have grown has been by positive word of mouth along with our vast product range that seems to appeal to customers of every age group and mind-set,” she says. Saukhyam’s wholesome and aesthetic vibe, coupled with its extensive range of quality products, guarantees a unique experience to all who wander in.

“Our aim in creating this platform has always been to gently nudge people away from mindless consumerism,” she says. Looking ahead, the duo aim to continue to promote health and wellness and through Saukhyam create a dynamic haven for those in pursuit of a holistic lifestyle.

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