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Onus on Karnataka

The burning of a KTC bus in Hubli might not have triggered a reaction in Goa, but if such incidents recur, it cannot be ruled out. As a neighbouring state, Karnataka has disagreements over Mhadei water sharing with Goa. It is a long-standing one between Goa and Karnataka. Karnataka is hell bent on building barrages on the Mhadei river’s tributaries on the plea of providing drinking water to Hubli, Belgavi and Dharwad. The burning of KTC bus happened after Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed no willingness to intervene to make Goa allow construction of the barrages. We only hope there is no political instigation behind the incident, for that can cause friction among the people of two states. The onus has to be on Karnataka government to curb such activities before it snowballs into a bigger problem.

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