Thursday , 20 February 2020
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On the road to success

Rannvijay Singh’s popularity has no bounds. The first winner of MTV Roadies, he still manages to woo people with his skills on TV. On a recent trip to Goa, he spoke to NT BUZZ about Roadies, his love for poker, his web series and about his toddler

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Q. From winning Roadies in 2003 to all the success you’ve gathered over the years; what’s one special skill that you have held on to all these years?

I think being adaptable is a special skill because, I come from a family which has an army background and being an officer’s child keeps you travelling throughout, and going to different schools. Being adaptable has always helped me – from being a reality show contestant to hosting the show, to being an actor, and even being a part of brands like Spartan Poker. I think it’s the adaptive nature that has helped me throughout. I won’t say that I am great at any particular thing, but it’s mostly the way I have adapted to a situation when an opportunity arises – put a foot into the door and work as hard as you can to make the best out of it. If not, move on. I believe in potential. Whoever has got potential should reach its maximum.

Q. Everyone still remembers your win in particular over all the others. According to you, what still charms the audience about the show Roadies?

Everything is different, that is the reason it’s interesting, and that is one thing that keeps me engaged in a sport like poker along with Roadies. Because every season is different – in Roadies, I was a contestant. I started hosting from the second show and my responsibilities were different – I was younger than most of the contestants and instructing them to do death defying stunts. Then I started interviewing people with Raghu and Rajiv, and so my role changed and I was then older and talking to people and they were telling me who they are and I was selecting them. Then I became a gang leader and every year we went to a different city, different state, and different country. It’s an ever changing, ever evolving thing and that’s how it keeps me interested and the audience engaged.

Q. Five generations of your family have served the country by being in the army. Any regrets that you didn’t follow the family tradition, so to say?

No regrets because I believe in potential, opportunity and adaptability. If you are adapting to the situation you are not thinking about the last one that you have to adapt from. The five generations of my family had all the same experiences. With our generation – me and the younger ones – my family was exposed to new things, new experiences that they couldn’t have been otherwise exposed to, because of the resources they were provided with. So we have disrupted the family legacy and gotten better in a contemporary way. We didn’t go to the army but my family has never seen anybody on television, let alone movie theatres or be on a shoot. I think every generation has its own responsibility to bring something new to the table and as a family we can grow in many different directions

Q. Can you tell us about ‘Sumer Singh Diaries’ that you will be seen in?

It is a web series. Earlier there were just a couple of channels then cable came in and now there are so many other platforms that stream shows. So, I did a show last year called ‘Kaushiki’ where my character Sumer Singh was much loved. And the second season is just based on the character. Here it’s a love story of a cop who also solves cases. It is a great young show and provides me with opportunity to do an action sequel.

Q. What attracted you to poker?

I have been a sports man throughout my life. I played basketball as well as other sports. So I realised a lot of younger friends were playing this sport and there was no exchange of money. I learnt from them and lost quite a few times and then I realised it’s the skill that makes you win not the cards. And since it was about skill, I got into it. The cards which you get can make you lose the game, but win the next too – it all depends on skill. What I do on Roadies is similar where I have to read people. So in this environment of reading people and acting on your gut feeling, it was a natural kind of sport for me to pick up and I really enjoy it.

Q. Can you tell us little bit about your little daughter?

Her name is our relationship, her name means universe, her name is Kainaat. I really want her to have the skills of reading people and I hope that she can read people right when she is in school and college to take the right decisions, take the right risks and be safe.

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