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IT software company, Transerve Technology is scaling up mode.  The start-up launched a new cloud based  product recently aimed at  real estate management, reports Team B&C

Over the years cases related to encroachments have increased in the state due to lack of proper land record management system. Casual check reveals that our civil courts are full of cases related to land or property disputes. Similarly large companies, governments, ports and estate owners that own vast tracts of land find it difficult to manage their property.

  To address these issues, Panaji based Transerve Technologies launched a new product called the Transerve Online Stack recently. The Stack is an open cloud-based online site that integrates layers of information ranging from cadastral data to drone imagery for visualizing the land assets of a user. A specialized team of geospatial experts develop the database by spatially contextualizing decades old land records maps, deed documents, land mutation details and developed areas along with the latest high-resolution satellite or aerial imagery details. This database forms the core of the real estate management platform, according to the company.

  One of the key feature of the platform is that it helps in monetising unutlised land. Speaking about the usefulness of the Online Stack, Amarsh Chaturvedi, co-founder, says, “Our product helps to maintain  the property owned by a client. Through it users have access to key information of land records, maps and documents.  The platform has easy-to-use interface. It is  operational  through a robust reporting and querying system, which generate reports for spatial and non-spatial analysis. With our platform, we aim at providing a helping hand to government authorities and at the same time offer an effective change in real estate management.

   Partner Ashwani Rawat, co-founder, adds, “The product is divided into two phases. First the  design of the information system to suit the client requirement and secondly the core implementation phase which involves data creation, spatial publishing and integration with workflows. Our platform is designed in a way that it brings ease in the process of documentation of land records.”

  The software can also help in saving physical records prone to danger of termites, natural calamity, fire etc. The land record information management system can also be used to attach information asked from time to time by ministries as a repository for all land related matters and documentation. “The data can be shared with stakeholders with analysis through the platform especially to users without the knowhow of technology. It is important for users of the platform to carry out spatial analysis with the help of easy to use built in tools and derive intelligence from time to time,” explain the partners.

  They expect the open API platform to  help governments build applications and enhance the effectiveness of the system. The platform is available for governments and non-profits at no base cost in order to maximize the social impact. “India has come a long way in modernization of land records which is extremely creditable but emphasis is required towards realizing how important land records information system is to the nation building process. We have dedicated our  technology platform for cadastral management and help the economy to grow stronger in coming years by providing fair and transparent cadastral system,” say the company founders.

  Headquartered at Panaji, Transerve Technologies was incubated at CIBA, Verna. The company now operates out of its own office in Patto Plaza, Panaji.  The company has a strong focus on projects under Smart City Mission and AMRUT program and plans to expand its reach across India and SAARC Nations.

  According to founders Chaturvedi and Rawat, the company is on a growth spree and recorded an impressive 376 per cent growth over the last three financial years.

Transerve Technology specialises in the field of location intelligence platforms. The company is acknowledged as a top emerging and innovative company by NASSCOM and Deloitte and its spatial platforms are being used by various government departments. It was seed funded by IIM Ahmadabad in its nascent stage and currently has Omidyar Network and Tara India Fund as its marquee social impact early stage investors. The flagship product CityOSTM system continues to do well.

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