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On PM Modi’s Equation with Industrialists


From those engaged in the most menial of tasks to those who have created huge business empires, admittedly, every segment of the society contributes equally to the development of the nation. There cannot be a biased opinion on this matter. The onus has, however, been on the elected class to efficiently govern the country and charter a course of prosperity and betterment for it. However, it is this ‘great responsibility’ that has ‘prompted’ our political leaders to have a marked preference for enjoying more-than-cordial relations with business magnates and industrialists. Fund-raising parties and programmes in India may not be that obvious and popular as they are in the United States. But the fact remains that politicians and political parties depend quite a lot on the contributions and the largesse of businessmen for their political sustenance. There has always been certain amount of skepticism in public mind whenever there has been an overt association between wealthy individuals and political leaders. Hence the comment by the Prime Minister that he is not afraid of being seen next to ‘udyogpatis,’ as they play as vital a role in nation-building as does a labourer, farmer or an artisan, needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. The ensemble of industry bigwigs sharing space with him at the mega event in Lucknow, however, dispels any notion of the comment being anything but a casual remark on their ‘esteemed’ presence. As an astute politician he will understand the importance of the financial backing that an association with the established business houses in the country will afford him in the ensuing general elections. However, the spate of scams that have rocked the nation often owe their genesis to the nexus between the rich lobbies and powerful politicians which have only tarnished the good name of the country. Only an unprejudiced approach by the Prime Minister towards the problems of the common man complementing his unreserved attention to the interests of the business elite can usher in his promises of ‘achche din’ ahead!


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