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‘Ojeap Zainaka’

Benny de Aldona, who is known for his songs with a message, and many cameos, has released ‘Ojeap Zainaka’, a tiatr which deals with relations and how greed can destroy the happiness of a family.

It opens with the wedding of Angela’s son Roy to Joaquim’s daughter, Cynthia. As the father tells his daughter to enter the new house with a positive attitude and look after her husband and mother-in-law, the daughter bids goodbye to a loving father. The next act has the newly married couple and the mother quite happy, with some tantrums thrown in. Roy, requests the mother to transfer the household property in his name. The mother refuses. There is no other heir and after her death, everything will go to the son. But he is greedy and hatches a plot to create a rift between his mother and wife. A couple of idiots also land up in this house. They are Angela’s brother and his son. And the play moves on as the mother is abused, the son turns meaner and kicks the mother out of the house. She does not fight back although the house is in her name. The play ends with a fine climax that is surprising but nice.

The script has some good dialogues and the actors do well. There are some good songs and the ‘cantos’ are pleasant. Angela is cast as the elderly mother, and is quite natural in the role. Sonia is Cynthia, the woman who has her problems, torn between the husband and his mother. Anil Pednekar is aptly cast as the evil Roy and Pradip Naik proves his mettle once again as the kind and benevolent Joaquim. As usual, he has good stage presence! Swizel, the new girl does well in the comedy parts; she looks smart and dresses right. Aurelius, Cajetan, and Caetano bring in some light moments in the loud comedy, but some of the sequences go on for too long and have to be edited.

The band has Chris (trumpet), Alex (saxophone), Deflon (drums), Casimiro (bass) and Angelo on the keyboard. A good combination! Benny de Aldona renders the fine opening song. There are songs by Cajetan, Benny, Robert de Calvim, Olga, Hillary, and others. A solo by Anthony Caiado is quite hard-hitting and interesting. A duet from Alrica with Joe is another pick. Watch the show!

‘Bhailean ‘butter’, Bhitorlean ‘gutter’’

Comedian Dominic’s new tiatr ‘Bhailean ‘butter’, Bhitorlean ‘gutter’’, is a critical look at mothers involved with NGOs. They are so busy looking after the problems of others, while their own family and children are going the wrong way.

Sandra is the head of an NGO that looks after social issues. They fight for protection of children against drug peddling and other issues that are corrupt. She has lost her husband and lives with her son Trevor and daughter Dolly. Sandra’s father and brother also live in the same house and so does Tania, an orphan whose parents died in an accident. The kids go to a school, which has a buffoon for a principal and teachers who have their own problems. Allwyn is Sandra’s chaperone who drives her around, while everyone else feels he is using her. The lives of these characters get entwined in this tale of people who do social work, ignore important aspects of life, worry about their status in society and finally end up paying a price. Watch the show to know more!

Dominic’s script is written well, with plenty of humour. The irresponsibility of people in high positions, kids being pampered, and others used as scapegoats is depicted. But there are certain characters who uphold righteousness. There is plenty of good clean comedy. A band of young musicians provide good music and the setting by Eleuterio Costa (the actor) is just superb. The cast also does well. Priscilla plays Sandra and gives a fine performance as head of the NGO and an irresponsible mother. The young Avila is blossoming into a fine young actress. She plays Tania and is good in every act. Sonali plays the spoilt Dolly and Alias is her brother Trevor who has problems with everyone. Eleuterio is the buffoonish principal of the school, his expressions and the act is superb. Michael plays Allwyn, patiently bearing many insults. Normandez does a wonderful cameo of the upright chairman of the education society while Rons is aptly cast as the lecherous teacher. Xavier de Maina is the school peon and Leslie is the headmaster. The comedy has lots of humorous situations. Lino is a hoot as Dominic’s son. Both seem to be wooing the middle-aged character very well, played by the talented Cassie, one of the best new

The band comprising of youngsters and one experienced musician, play good music arranged by Piety. Roogerry blows a good trumpet and Jayne supports well on the saxophone. Benny gives a pleasant background on the keyboard, Seban packs punch in the bass and Santan, the experienced drummer, does well. Alias and Dominic render the opening song. There are songs by Sonali, Avila, Rons, Xavier, Priscilla, Leslie and Andrew, who sings about problems in London. Solos each by Normandez, Rons and Xavier are the pick. A tiatr worth watching. Don’t miss!

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