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NT BUZZ during lockdown

Another 13 days to go for the lockdown to end; at least for now. And while the NT BUZZ team is making sure you get your daily dose of what’s happening, here’s how they have been spending the free time that they have

Playing board games, card games, gardening, cooking together, watching movies, sprucing up homes. Goans aren’t just enjoying the ‘susegad’ life during lockdown lazing around, but are making good use of their time, and energy. And Team NT BUZZ is also making use of their time productively.
Photographers Hemant Parab and Vipul Rege are ensuring they get photos on a daily basis. Hemant who lives in Amona has been spending time in the field with family growing vegetables. “I’m enjoying my village life and reliving the old days of plucking cashews and frying the seeds, spending time with friends and playing with the children at home, especially my one-month-old nephew,” he says before heading out to capture photographs.
Vipul Rege believes that being positive during this lockdown is very important. “I am spending time on social media, editing photos, going through my archives and reliving memories of various events captured,” he says, before adding that he tries to roam about to capture images for himself and for the newspaper in and around Ponda.
Ramandeep Kaur is missing travelling to work and back as she uses public transport. She especially misses her ferry rides. Besides this, she is craving chaat. At her home in Candolim, she is chilling out listening to Punjabi music and bonding with her sisters Amandeep and Tharmanveer. “There’s so much time available and schedules have been messed up because of this lockdown,” she says. She’s also having fun video calling her cousins and grandparents in Punjab, when not working. 
Anna Fernandes who is managing the editing from home in Miramar says that working from home and being confined to a full house, not surprisingly, comes with a whole lot of chaos. And so, she says: “I’ve begun practising yoga, it’s something I have always wanted to start, but put off because I never found the time. And now with nothing but time on my hands, I figured why not?” So for 30 minutes of the day, Anna is enjoying some much deserved ‘me-time’ and is finding some semblance of sanity amidst all of this.  
For Alisha Carvalho, since the lockdown, she’s been sleeping a lot and waiting for updates on the availability of groceries in her housing society in Ribandar. “Other than that I have been trying to keep to myself to avoid arguments with siblings,” she says.
Christine Machado who lives in the capital city, when not coordinating and doing editing work, hasn’t been doing anything different per se. She loves lists and thus she says: “I made one at the beginning of the year, where each day I put aside at least an hour to do one hobby I love every day like art, music, cooking, writing, etc.” While she was pretty overwhelmed when the lockdown began, she realised that sticking to her schedule allows her not to panic unnecessarily, while keeping herself busy. “That and working from home alongside, means this lockdown hasn’t been hours of boredom with nothing to do,” she
Work is worship for Danuska Da Gama. “My energy levels are high and such situations make me want to work more than ever. But I am also running errands for friends and neighbours, trying to get people what they want, while spending time with friends and watching movies. I can’t stay home, especially when I am asked to, and my family is going crazy seeing me so chilled out,” she says, before adding that she is staying away from reading forwards and watching videos that add to the panic, something, she believes, everyone should try to do.

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