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No nod for fish sale by trawler owners at Margao SGPDA market



The attempt of South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) to reopen the  Margao’s wholesale fish market for local trawler owners to sell fish has been outrightly turned down by South Goa collector Ajit Roy.

The SGPDA had requested for permission from the district collector to reopen the wholesale fish market for trawler owners so that they are able to sell their fish catch. But the office of the district collector rejected the request stating that there are guidelines from the government not to permit the opening of markets over coronavirus pandemic.

The office of the district collector also refused to give permission to the SGPDA to transport fish from jetties owing to the COVID-19 fears. 

This daily gathered that the Planning and Development Authority (PDA) had collectively decided to seek permission for reopening of the  wholesale fish market for the benefit of local trawler owners. 

However, an official from the district collectorate informed that if the wholesale fish market was opened for the Goan trawler owners, there was every possibility that other trawler owners could take advantage of it and start selling fish, thereby creating a mess and inviting virus infection risk.

It is also understood that many Goan trawler owners are directly selling their fish by going around in villages.

When chairman of SGPDA Wilfred D’Sa was contacted for his comment, he said that “we had sought permission to reopen the wholesale fish market for sale of fish by Goan trawler owners since fish supply from outside the state has been halted.

We had requested the district collector to permit only 22 vehicles to carry fish from jetty.”

He said he had discussed about it with the chief minister and that the latter had also agreed, but “now we will have to wait till May 3.”

Interestingly, during this ongoing lockdown, Goans have been consuming fish being brought illegally  from Malvan and other areas and sold by vendors along roadsides.

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