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No Major Protests Over Onion Prices


With the soaring price of onions bringing tears to the eyes of the people, it is time the government turned its attention to the looming crisis that will have a direct bearing on the common man’s ‘kitchonomics’.  From being an ordinary, but important vegetable of everyday use, onions have today assumed the status of a ‘luxury’ item considering the prices they are being sold at in the market. Inspite of the government taking various measures from time to time to stabilize prices of essential food items including vegetables, it is shocking to note that the spiraling prices continue to be an essential feature of our lopsided economy which shows no sign of steadying despite the best of efforts by experts in the field. Besides the shortfall in production due to adverse weather conditions, it is difficult to perceive any other significant cause for this economic malaise that afflicts the countrymen from time to time. As much as the viral infections these days which have been catching the public unawares, sudden and unexplained escalation of prices of various commodities now and then has come with its own share of sorrows for the aam aadmi. While the silliest of issues has brought teeming protestors out on to the streets screaming their lungs out, it is surprising that matters that affect the workings of the cooking place of a common man hardly elicit any response. Where the sudden and unexplainable price increase of items that constitutes the staple diet of the locals should have been inviting public wrath, we have meek complaints showing for their anger. Instead of having large crowds congregating at various rallies and demonstrations political in nature, it is time that people took a tough stand against such hardships inflicted upon them by the faulty government decisions, and more necessarily, pursue to them to a logical conclusion. But unfortunately, in the midst of the umpteen environmental crusades and various other campaigns that we seem to lend our weight to, we somehow appear to forget that the basic necessities of our house should be attracting equal attention, if not more.  

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