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No illegal Bangladeshi nationals in Goa: police



The foreigners regional registration office had detained around 40 foreigners,  who were found to be staying illegally. However, there have been no Bangladeshi nationals among the detained,  police officials have clarified.

Those detained are  the nationals from Tanzania, Uganda, Russia, Nigeria, British, Ukraine, Brazil and Kenya.

It is pertinent to note here that recently at  the Chimbel panchayat gram sabha a resident had said that he had strong suspicion about the presence of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh or Pakistan in the village.

However, the suspicion was allayed by the panchayat sarpanch.

Sources said that villagers have now told the police that they had only raised apprehensions: if no proper verification is done then there are chances of illegal immigrants living  in the area.

The police in North Goa as well as South Goa have been regularly conducting tenant verification drives. However, they have not come across any such illegal immigrants from Bangladesh or Pakistan, maintained the police officials.

Since May this year, the FRRO  had detained around 40 foreigners  at the Mapusa-based detention centre, and some of the detained foreigners have been deported.

Police claimed that the detention centre has had a good deterrent effect on illegal immigrants: earlier there were incidents wherein foreigners  caught by the police for staying illegally had provided fake names, making it difficult for the police to  coordinate  with the concerned embassies.

However, after the detention centre came into being the issue of fake names appears to be over.

When a foreigner  is found without a valid travel documents to go back to their country, the concerned embassy is contacted for providing a transit permit for its national. Till the valid travel document comes from the embassy, the foreigner is housed in the detection centre.

The foreigner detention centre was inaugurated by Chief Minister  Pramod Sawant in May
this year.

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