Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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No girls, only cricket for 3 years: Vipul Phadke



“It was a new experience for me and it was fun and one of the lessons learnt by me during campaigning was that GCA is not run by a few people but by 107 clubs. The clubs are the life line of GCA,” new Goa Cricket Association (GCA) secretary Vipul Phadke told The Navhind Times after the election.

“The clubs take care of us as we take care of them. This is the bond I noticed during my days of campaigning,” added Vipul.

“Building the stadium is our priority but I will also see that we restart the residential academy that my father (Vinod Phadke) had started in 2012. Aspiring youngsters can be given the best foundation through an academy. Through time, I will see that the residential academy gets functional,” promised Vipul.

“Goa has been demoted from the Elite Group in the Ranji trophy to the Plate Group. One of our aims will be to see that we not only come back to the Elite Group but start making our presence felt in that group with wins. Playing is nice but winning is better. We will get the sense of playing to win back into our boys,” said

“My opponent should start concentrating on cricket. Hemant may say a lot of things about family raj. GCA is a family to which he unfortunately is not accepted in and that is why he managed to get only around 20 per cent of votes. He is not a person worth wasting time on,” claimed Vipul when asked how difficult the election was.

At 28, Vipul has the looks and a brain that could draw him away from the game yet he promises that, “The next three years of my life is going to be dedicated to raise the game of cricket. There is going to be no time to think of girls or marriage.” 

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