Thursday , 5 December 2019
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‘Nizache Goemkar Ami…Bhaddeache Goemkar Tumi’


JP Pereira

‘Nizache Goemkar Ami…Bhaddeache Goemkar Tumi is a new tiatr written and directed by Menino Mario and presented by Eddie Fernandes. It provides a deep look into the happenings in Goa today, what with corrupt politicians, influx of migrants, and the exodus of Goans to other countries.

The curtain opens on a minister who has just changed his party. He has his selfish reasons and tries to convince his supporters and family. No one is happy, especially the minister’s wife and son. But he does not care. On the other hand, two migrant siblings have been in Goa for some years and have amassed plenty of wealth. The landlord in whose house they are staying leaves for London. They offer him high rent for the use of his house and the foolish man gives them power of attorney (pronounced ‘Anthony’ by the migrant) to run the affairs of the house. The migrant transfers the house to his name. The play then continues with other evils that depict the greed of politicians, greed of tiatrists, housing projects, migrants, other migrants taking Goan names and the selfish politicians, supporting all this to make their money and hoard wealth. What will Goans do now? Watch it on stage!

Eddie Fernandes has produced a well written and acted tiatr, done in modern style, with great acting, good comedy, great music, and songs. Menino Mario hits the nail on the head, warning Goans of what is to come. Anthony de Ambajim provides the backdrops and Romeo’s light effects are good and timely. Eleuterio plays the selfish minister to the hilt, Dolla is perfect as his wife and the talented Franky, back on stage after many years, plays their kind son. Elaine and Jose Mascarenhas as the migrant siblings are superb. Watch the two, with their authentic diction, dressing and expression, quite humorous at times. Mini Mario is fine as the aggrieved Goan. Ronnie plays the PA to the minister in style, Frenzie is the honest young leader and Vitorino is the landlord. John D’Silva, Bladwin, and Marcus provide good humour. Catch the scene between Dolla and John.

It was good to watch the performance of the musicians. Additional sound by Jerson adds to the quality of the music. Lenoy leads the band and is great on keyboards. Senon is great on the trumpet as is Semy on the trombone. Jack is superb on drums and Sergie provides a punchy bass. The opening song by Cielda-Elaine-Franky-Frenzie packs a punch and is rendered in style. There are good songs from Cielda, Bladwin, Jose, Mini Mario, Elaine, Franky and others. Olga hits hard at certain 10 guys. A solo by Jose Mascarenhas, Frenzie’s tribute to women and Franky’s solo on his return, are the pick. Watch this show. Something different, something nice, and not to be missed!

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