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Niharika Tipnis – New Fashion Talent


When it comes to fashion there are several mother/daughter duos that have created a fashionable niche for themselves. Lina Tipnis’s label ‘Linarika’ has been at the forefront of fashion with her timeless creations that have been loved by her loyal buyers for over two decades.

Now, daughter Niharika wants to leave her fashion footprint with ‘Niharika Couture’. A graduate of ISDI Parsons in Mumbai, Niharika’s style and design aesthetics may have a lingering feel of her mother, Lina, but her look is wearable and stylish. Her ‘Guards of Honour’ line in blue, rust, black and white silk with glittering but discreet touch of embroidery has a regal elegance with diamonds and pearls.

Her next collection ‘Trilogy’ is inspired by the three spokes of the wheel creation, substance, and destruction, which allude to the Hindu mythology of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is quite futuristic in form and construction with the fabrics being Niharika’s favourite – stretch satin and lycra. And the colour card once again stays true to indigo, Siyaahi blue to midnight and then blends into bold Prussian hues.

Niharika has co-founded and is the chief stylist for Stylelogue Academy of Fashion and hopes to upgrade the quality of fashion styling in India.

A classic creation

Deep brown silk for a pant and fitted top combo with just the right amount of sparkle on the shoulders and a cut out neckline, creates a classic evening look for a festive soirée

After dark drama

Give a fusion look to the lehenga and choli duo with subdued all over floral print and a one-shoulder blouse for added impact. Bring in discreet embellishments on the shoulder and waist with pretty sparkle.

Electric and elegant

Make a stunning entry in this electric blue, halter gown with a plunging neckline and draped silver embroidery around the neck, which is sure to create a fashionable stir anywhere.

Fashionably stylish

Wide and sleek, deep blue jodhpuri pants are the perfect match for a body-con choli with glittering diamante and pearl embroidery on the neckline, sleeves and bodice when you want to create a show stopping entry.

Regal splendour

The beauty of rust silk comes alive for this stunning gown with a dramatic diamond and pearl cummerbund embellishment as the focal point.

Shades of blue and white

Deep blue and pristine white make a fashionable, show stopping, style statement combo when the sun sets over the horizon and it is time to make a great entry.

Shimmer and stun

Glamour emerges with this stylishly constructed mini with abstract 3D appliqués on the shoulder and a geometric angular skirt that will stop conversation.

The drama of black

Create a stylish regimental look in all black for flared pants and fitted top with shimmering shoulder accents and horizontal gleaming stripes on the bodice.

The elegance of a jumpsuit

Ink blue silk is just ideal for a jumpsuit with cut out neckline and glittering diamonds and pearls shoulder embroidery for added impact.

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