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‘Nightingale Of Goa’


JP Pereira

Pilar Music Academy has been organising a singing competition for original Konkani songs for many years. Giving a boost to Konkani music, scouting and promoting the future voices of Goa, is the main idea behind this endeavour.

‘Nightingale of Goa’ is the first album that has been released and features some of the prize winners and their songs.

The 12 songs in this disc make for good listening. The talented Holly Rodrigues gives a flying start with ‘Valor Solfancho’ a song narrating the importance of notes and his desire to play the guitar. Monaliza Barreto urges Goans to speak the mother tongue on ‘Konkani Bhas Uloi, while Sydelle Estibeiro sings for Goa and her love for her state on ‘Goa Amkam Zai’. ‘Tunch Mhozo Raza’ is a love song from Clarissa Camelo.

‘Ekuch Anvddo’ is another romantic song rendered by Dominic de Souza, Carissa Batista sings for the beauty of this land and the many talented Goans in various arts on ‘Goykarponn’, and ‘Bon Voyage Daddy’ is a touching farewell of a daughter sung beautifully by Pearl Fernandes. The violin backing adds to the beauty of the rendition. ‘Mog Mhozo Korun’ from Assenca Fernandes is for those boys who desert girls, Kimberly Fernandes effortlessly renders ‘Kallzacho Kunvor’ a romantic dedication for the love of her life, while Griffen Pereira sings of lost love on ‘Fottkiro Mog’.

Sheena Fernandes sings about greed for ‘Duddu’, and Jeliska Fernandes winds up the album with ‘O’Goa’ another track for this beautiful state which is being destroyed.

The youngsters render the songs with plenty of gusto and lovely natural voices. The meaningful lyrics are written by various composers and ‘The Music Brigade’ led by Norman Cardozo (keyboard) provides the backing. There is Antonio (saxophone), Sammy (trombone), Senon, Nolvert, Theo (trumpet), Cannon (bass) and John (drums). The album is recorded at Cannon Music Recording Studio, Goa Velha and is good to hear. Do buy your own copy, help the Pilar Music Academy to promote such talent and enjoy the music of these talented youngsters. This is good, GO FOR IT!

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