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‘There is a niche market for personalised cakes in Goa’

Three years ago, Brainard Colaco left Mumbai and opened a small boutique cake studio by the name Mog Cake Studio in Comba, Margao. After conducting a study of the pastry and cake market, he delved into making designer cakes for occasions and seasons
What do you produce?
We handcraft designer cakes which is our forte. Be it a wedding, birthday, baptism or a cake to celebrate sunshine and happy times we produce cakes designed for all seasons.

What made you to venture into Goa?
Having spearheaded many restaurants and bakery projects across the country, I personally felt that there was a vacuum for personalised cakes in Goa. After conducting a research study of the market and what was on offer, I noticed that all cake shops looked the same, gave the same products and moreover all products served tasted the same. The only thing that gave the difference was the outer packaging. There could have been many reasons to that from every business owner’s point of view, but I felt the cake market in Goa lagged behind. Hence, my study showed a niche market waiting to be tapped.

What was your toughest task in setting up the business?
Getting in workers, which is extremely difficult. I regret employing a Goan who has too many feasts and functions to attend. A Goan would work better in any other place or country, but not in Goa.
How competitive is the market?
Whichever industry, whatever is the market, it is competition. There would be no fun in business if it was not competitive, but one should always try being ahead of the competition and innovation is one way of being ahead.

Have you achieved all your goals?
Yes. I m almost there, but these goals were set by me two years ago. I have already set myself new goals for the future. The main goal was to set a high standard in designing cakes and I feel the Mog brand has achieved that.

Describe your best business moment?
Seeing my customers walk out with a smile is a proudest moment any cake designer wishes.

What customs and festivals appeals to you?
We are a state where out of 365 days about 100 days are festivals. Honestly, it is the festival that keeps me busy making cakes and pastries. So all festivals appeal to me.

Are you happy with the changes you see in Goa?
Though I am a Goan by origins, I am born and brought up in Mumbai. Now having to earn my bread and butter here I look at Goa as an opportunity that I jumped on at the right time. It is changing for the best with better infrastructure, lesser power cuts and improved roads. Moreover, it is the people that makes Goa a better place.

Give one aspect of Goa’s economy that has changed for better or worse?
Mining has put a dent on Goa’s economy, but that is being discounted. More focus should be put safety and cleanliness as it is a touristic place.

What is your definition of sussegado?
I come from a fast-paced life and continue doing so because the sussegado tourists give the monetary influx into the system.

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