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NFAI celebrates 70 years of India’s independence at IFFI

Multimedia exhibition titled ‘Azadi 70 Saal: Yaad Karo Kurbani’ inaugurated by Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu on November 21 is dedicated to the Indian soldiers and the struggle during the independence of India.
The exhibition is organised by the National Film Archive of India (NFAI), Pune under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Arti Karkhanis who is a documentation officer at NFAI informed that there are 80 different movie posters that are displayed at the exhibition. “These posters are of those movies that are related to patriotism and our country.” She further added that the movie posters are divided into three sections. “The first one includes the posters of the movies that are based on freedom struggle and national leaders. The second section involves the movies based on social themes with a political touch. These are movies which contained fiery dialogues and patriotic songs on reality in India. In those days these scenes were censored as they would instigate audience to fight against British. While, the third section involves those movies created to salute our soldiers. These movies were created post-independence, based on the wars between India-Pakistan and India-China,” said Arti.
The exhibition includes posters of movies of Bollywood films as well as regional films that are based on the theme. Regional films include patriotic movies in Tamil, Gujurati, Assamese, Odia (Oriya), Bengali, Telugu, etc. “There is no Konkani movie, however, there is a movie poster of ‘Saat Hindustani’ about the liberation of Goa,” says Arti.
Each movie poster at the exhibition has a caption below it that speaks about the movie. “Since there are movie posters of regional patriotic films, it also promotes the local or regional heroes of India who fought to liberate their state. Although most of the Bollywood films are based on national leaders, most of the regional films are based on regional patriotic freedom fighters, and people are not aware of them,” says Arti.
This is not the first time that NFAI has taken the initiative to put up an exhibition at IFFI. Arti informed that ten years back the NFAI had put up the exhibition to celebrate 60 years of India’s independence. “This is our second time at IFFI. This time we have used more and better devices to display posters like poles, sliders, rolling poles. This time we are projecting patriotic songs at the exhibition. Those who visit the exhibition sometimes wait as they reach this projector until their favourite song gets over,” says Arti.
Moreover, the exhibition also includes an audio booth. “This provision is for those who do not like to see the songs but want to hear them. The audio booth offers a lot of patriotic songs for the listeners,” she adds.
The special feature of the exhibition is the inclusion of virtual reality. Arti says, “NFAI is lucky to be the first organisation to use virtual reality to promote itself.” Virtual reality is a device attached to a cell phone that can help one to watch a video in 360 degrees. There are two visuals shown at the exhibition via virtual reality gear about the NFAI at Pune and the museum of movie posters.

(The exhibition celebrating 70 years of India’s independence is outside Old GMC, Campal, Panaji, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is open to general public as well.)

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