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New Year’s Eve makeup Look

Roanna Silveira

The New Year is right around the corner! What better way to get right into the holiday spirit than with a bold holiday makeup look, perfect for an evening out?

It’s that time of the year where glitter eyeshadow is so in. It’s also a great time to bring out your favourite red lipstick!

A red lip means that all focus should be on the lip, so in this post, we’ll discuss how to make the rest of your makeup complement your lips without being overpowering.


Skin prep: Start with a clean base. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt and oil from your skin. Follow up with serum if you use them and seal that with a layer of moisturiser.

Base: First, start by applying primer. Primer can help makeup go on smoother and last longer. Use an appropriate one for your skin type and foundation. Don’t forget to prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer.

Next use a small amount of foundation and buff it into the skin with either a dense fluffy foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge. Don’t worry about covering all blemishes with your foundation – that’s what concealer is for – instead, aim for evening out the skin with the foundation.

Next up, concealer. Use a shade that matches your skin and foundation to cover blemishes. Pat it onto the blemish and feather out the edges to blend it into the surrounding foundation. Use a small amount of concealer to cover dark under eyes. Blend with a small damp sponge or your ring fingers. Set this with a small amount of translucent powder to prevent creasing.

On to contouring and highlighting to add dimension and depth to the face.

Use an ashy contour product two tones darker than your skin tone. The areas to contour for each person differs, but the general places are under the cheekbones, the jawline and the sides of the nose. Brighten up the area under the eyes, the tops of the cheekbones, and centre of the face with a lighter coloured concealer. You can use a highlighter in these areas as well.


Start off with your brows. Groom them with a spoolie brush and fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder which suits you. The tip is to always use a brow colour that’s lighter than your hair. Use fine hair-like strokes to fill in and define your arches. Brush through them again with a spoolie to blend any harsh lines.

Next up, eyeshadow. Start with a layer of powder to set the eyeshadow base, so that your eye shadow doesn’t leave streaks on the lids. Red lips look great with metallic tones – silver, bronzes, coppers and golds. Sweep the metallic shade all over the lid, except for the outer corner. Add a brown matte shade in the shape of a ‘V’ on the outer corner of the eye and blend that into the metallic shade. Blend any harsh edges with a fluffy eye shadow brush and a lighter brown colour, which acts as a transition colour. Repeat this for the lower lash line.

You can leave the shadow as is, or you can pat a little glitter on the centre of your eye. Be sure to use a glitter glue first to hold the glitter in place. Remember than glitter falls out and sticks to the skin easily, so be sure to shield your face with a tissue!

Line your eyes with an eye liner, keeping the line as close to lash line as possible. Keep the line thin at the inner corner and broaden it at the outer corner to lift the eye up. You can keep this line stark, or you can blend the edges to soften them. Curl your lashes and add mascara to complete the eye look.


Red lips are both empowering and stressful at the same time. To pull off a red lip, one must find the right shade of red for them. Start with exfoliated lips. Add some lip balm prior to lipstick application and wipe off the excess. Start by lining the lips with a lip liner of the same colour. Fill in the lips with a lipstick of your choice. Clean any mistakes at the edge with a Q tip with micellar water and concealer on a precision tip brush.

If you’re feeling particularly dramatic, top off the lip with some red glitter for an amazing glitter lip!

Get into the Holiday mood with this holiday makeup look!

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