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New water tank to quench thirst in Baga

CALANGUTE: Many wells in Baga have been contaminated, and the residents at present are using the well water only for the purpose of washing and gardening. Otherwise, they totally have to depend on the PWD water for their water needs.
The residents of Baga are of the opinion that once the sewage treatment plant is commissioned, the groundwater would be back to the normal state.
With the demand for water rising in Calangute, and as the groundwater has been contaminated, the tanker owners are pumping out water even from the ponds in the fields.
“The Communidade of Calangute has raised objection to this illegal activity, as most of the fields belong to the comunidade. As per the rule, water from the ponds can be used only for the agriculture purpose, and cannot be pumped out for the commercial purpose,” said the president of communidade Augustinho Proenca.
Commenting on the issue of water supply to Baga, which happens on alternate days, the PWD sources said that the pipeline linked to the water tank at the football ground is of smaller diameter, and has become very old (around 40 yrs).
As the pipeline is in a dilapidated state, it takes a lot of time to fill the tank, the sources added.
Sources from the WRD informed that after the complaints from the residents of Calangute received about the water tanker owners rampantly pumping out water from the wells, the department inspected the wells.
“The tanker owners are now being charged for the water pumped out, at a commercial rate,” the sources said, adding, special meters would be fitted at the wells and the cost for the meters would have to be borne by the tanker owners.
“The WRD also asked the RTO to cancel the permits of the tankers whose owners have not applied for permission from the department to supply water through their vehicles. The RTO then cracked down on the illegal water tankers and fined them. And, even the Calangute police seized the water tankers for running illegal business,” the sources added.

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