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New scheme to provide further boost to agriculture sector in state

Margao: In order to encourage more and more people in taking up agriculture as their occupation, the  Department of  Agriculture  has come up with the  new scheme ‘Assured price for  agriculture produce,’  which will match up with the market prices, to help maintain  traditional plantations that support rural economy of Goa.

Director of  Agriculture Nevil Alfonso, on  Tuesday, issued a circular  declaring `Assured  price for agricultural produce’, the new scheme with the  objective of encouraging the farmers to  invest in agriculture with full confidence and  also to help maintain  traditional  plantations.

The said scheme was notified in the official gazette on June 26. The produce covered under the scheme includes  arecanut (all grades), cashew nut, sugarcane, alsando,  coconut, paddy,  and oil palm fruits.

The eligibility criteria for the selection of  farmers under the scheme  include – the farmers should cultivate  his produce in Goa,  and that he should be a Krishi Card holder. Farmer  should sell his produce to the  approved dealers, who would compulsorily endorse the given  produce. The traders procuring the farmers produce need to be registered  with the directorate of agriculture. 

The total claim for less than 50 kg of arecanut,  500 numbers of  coconut,  50 kg of  cashewnut, 100 kg of paddy and  50 kg of alsando shall not be considered  for benefit under the scheme. It should be more than the specified quantity.

According to the circular, farmers will get the difference for arecanut for the price upto  Rs 170 and the minimum quantity that would be considered is upto  50 kg.  For  raw  cashew nut, it is matched up to  Rs 125 per kg, and  up to  2,000 kg per individual  cultivator, considering the  maximum area of 5  ha with 1,000 cashew trees.

While for  coconuts, the difference  is upto  Rs 25, for a maximum of 50,000 nuts, and not exceeding Rs 3 lakh will be paid.

The department of agriculture will pay  Rs 3,000 as  assured price for per tonne of sugarcane exclusive of  harvesting charges and  transport cost to the grower, who sells it to the  Sanjivani sugar factory.

Rs 100 per kg  is assured price  for  alsando;  those who sell  alsando for less than  Rs 100 per kg would get  the balance amount as assured price. A maximum of 800 kgs from one hectare  of area shall be provided the benefit.  The farmers  need to fill up the form  from the  department  through the   respective  zonal  agriculture offices.

“The scheme is formulated   with an aim to  generate employment  in rural  Goa. It is designed to attract the younger generation into  agriculture and to consider it as  economically  viable  activity,”     Alponso further  states in the circular.

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