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Need for a change in India’s education system

By Vaman S Sankhalker
I attended an editing workshop. The resource-person was Patricia Pereira Sethi and from her we learnt that the teaching method in the United States is different from that we witness in India.
I was astonished to learn that pupils in the US can refer textbooks while answering exams. In their education system children are given the freedom to discuss the topic of study in the classroom and they are allowed time to interact with each other. This is unlike what we see in India where children are busy committing information to memory.
I believe the system of learning by rote that we follow is of no use as there is always the probability that we will forget what we have learnt.
What is important is building an understanding of the subject because this is what will develop the mind.
In my opinion, it is the education system that the US follows that has led them to become a superpower.
Why can’t my India be a superpower? It can, it will and it must, because it is the need of hour. I think we should hold debates on this subject.
In one of my lessons I learnt that when a young Einstein was asked by his teacher the year in which the Prussians defeated the French he is supposed to have replied that he does not believe in remembering dates of battles. Einstein is said to told his teacher that he would be more interested in learning why two armies were are war with each other. That he said is education, not learning facts by rote.
This should be the though process of gen-next. Studies should be about ideas, practicals and interactions and not about committing laws and definitions to memory.
And that is why Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize
(The writer is a student of XI science at Shri Shantadurga Higher Secondary School, Bicholim)

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