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NDA’s First Anniversary


Factually ended with the worst financial recession, job loss and devastating migrant exodus mess ever witnessed in democratic India! I would still respect a government that do not fully praise themselves and label anyone with different views as prejudiced, vultures, negative thinking and of course anti national; that takes a moderate view of its success in some spheres and stay quiet if not inclined to apologise for any wrongs. We all understand action under the circumstances and no one is perfect! In any case progress is what is expected from a good  government?  As many economists see it, the downslide seeds were laid with the well intentioned demonitization and continued with the hasty GST implementation. The economic devastation cannot be solely ascribed to COVID-19! Modi must act impartially like the PM of India, not favoring the BJP and the Attorney Genenral Tushar Mehta, roundly criticized by eminent lawyers with examples, needs to render factual replies to the Supreme Court and not arrogant political stands. SC ultimately had to take suo motto notice of the  migrant labour plight! Most of our Unicorn Startups are with Chinese backing/ investments, and  Chinese/Pak aggression/terrorists or Nepalese turning away are also facts.  Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities, Skill India, Lok Pal/Lok Ayukta, Black Money, end corruption,15 lacs in everyones account, autonomy of Enforcement Agencies, CAG, RBI, RTI, Swatch Bharat and so on leaves much to be desired. The anti CAA riots and the resultant devastating transport/ migrant mishandling issues cannot be washed away. Building trustworthy Centre-State relationships, self reliant India and uplift of the poor needs the whole of India to be united. The  Opposition would do well to help/cooperate rather than only criticize/ instigate! This is a time for honest introspection not celebration and dirty politics! I would beg the ruling party have respect for every Indian and their views.

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