Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Navelim VP seeks geo-tagging of cattle in village



While the stray cattle menace has plagued the village of Navelim, the panchayat has written to the department of animal husbandry for geo-tagging of all cattle in the village. 

Sarpanch Vilma D’Silva said that the panchayat has written to the department to come to the village for a joint meeting to find a solution to the cattle menace. The cattle are left in the open for grazing and it often squats on the road posing a threat to motorists.

She said that nobody takes responsibility for the cattle but once the cattle are impounded the owners claim that the cattle have been illegally taken away.

She said the panchayat has been seeking help from NGOs to impound the stray cattle however there is a financial burden each time to transport the cattle. Hence it was resolved at the gram sabha to geo-tag all the cattle which will help in identifying the cattle owners.

She said that the panchayat is in the process to identify land to set up a cattle pound however the process will take some time.

The gram sabha members had earlier suggested colour code tagging of the owners however it was later decided to call the officials from the department of animal husbandry for a meeting.

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