Wednesday , 22 January 2020
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Navelim villagers demand scrapping of western bypass project




The village of Navelim became the first village in the state to go cashless with the payment of house and electricity tax while also launching a wet waste composting unit.

The service was launched in the presence of Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro in the presence of sarpanch Frank Fernandes and gram sabha members.

Addressing the gram sabha, Faleiro congratulated the village panchayat and said that in this digital age the panchayat has come up with a novel and innovative ways to provide better facilities.

The gram sabha however got to serious business as the villagers once again demanded scrapping the western bypass saying that the land acquisition has lapsed while land is being filled illegally for the 40 meter road.

The members pointed out that the land acquisition was carried out using the emergency clause and the land owners had no say in the matter. They further pointed out that the land acquisition was carried out 20 years back and hence the acquisition has lapsed and the government is trying to bulldoze its way.

The gram sabha also raised concern over the devastation caused to the canal project which has been damaged at many parts to make way for the road.

The villagers demanded that the western bypass should be scrapped while the eastern bypass connected to the National highway which will address the issue while also raising concern over land filling along the Saipem Lake.

Further the villagers also raised the issue of pollution of the fields surrounding the Saipem Lake saying that the Margao sewage is finding its way to the fields rendering them unfit for cultivation. The villagers also pointed out that the sewage line is passing right through the lake which is a matter of great concern as over-flowing chambers will go unnoticed and hence they need to be removed immediately. The villagers also sought clarification from the MLA on the issue.

Faleiro said that by using the emergency clause does not give anybody the right to bulldoze the wishes of the people. He said that he had taken up the matter with Parrikar especially the filling of water bodies, compensation to tenants and destruction of houses.

Faleiro said that the water bodies have been shown as artificial water bodies which are absolutely false while just three houses were shown to be getting demolished while there are actually six houses. He said a survey has been carried out and the chief minister has agreed to build new houses with existing plinth for these people and land is to be identified for the same.

He also assured the villagers to take up the matter of beautification of Saipem Lake and sought suggestions from the villagers. The gram sabha also discussed other issues pertaining to the village.


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