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Namah Society spreads music literacy through workshop


Namah society recently organised a workshop on music methods for beginners and compositional  techniques for students and teachers in Goa. The workshop resource faculty Kedarnath Awati was impressed by the overwhelming response. He appreciated the flavour of folklore music and encouraged the use of Goan rhythm and melodic phrases in developing new compositions.

The beginner’s course exposed the young musicians to a world of new methods in analysing music as patterns and figures that can be approached mathematically and musically. The students quickly learnt two part and three part singing that emphasised the importance of listening to each other.

The teachers and students attending the advanced course got hands-on experience to chorale writing. Awati shared his compositional writings with the participants. While the Allegro in D major explored the writing of the classical period the second work namely the Elegy exposed the use of Indian ragas harmonically fit into orchestral setting.


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