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Nachinola VP draws villagers’ ire for postponing gram sabha



Villagers of Nachinola, who are peeved over postponement of gram sabha scheduled on Sunday, criticised the panchayat body for postponing the gram sabha on Saturday.

According to villagers, on October 10, a notice for holding of the gram sabha was issued.

Following the announcement of the gram sabha, the sarpanch Reena Govekar proceeded on leave from October 14 to October 15 thereby handing over the charge to the deputy sarpanch Freddy Fernandes.

Later the regular secretary was deputed on BLO duty and charge was given to panchayat secretary K V Halarnkar who was also not available for the gram sabha as he was holding charge of Ucassaim-Paliem-Punola panchayat where also gram sabha was scheduled. Hence, the block development officer was requested to depute a secretary to conduct gram sabha proceedings.

Accordingly, the panchayat body on Saturday called a meeting and proposed to postpone the gram sabha meeting on the grounds that the regular secretary is on BLO duty and would not be able attend the meeting thereby causing inconvenience to panchayat to reply in absence of sarpanch and secretary and postponement was proposed which was agreed by four panchayat members including deputy sarpanch Freddy Fernandes, Kamlakant Naik, Trupti Bandodkar and Pooja Mayekar. Panch member Satish Govekar opposed the postponement on the grounds that it was against the Panchayati Raj Act. Following the decision, a corrigendum meeting notice was put up at all public places stating that the meet is postponed.

Unaware of postponement of the meeting, villagers gathered at the panchayat and were surprised over the postponement. The villagers opined that various proposals in interest of villages were to be placed in the meeting and was required to be taken up.

Fr Dominic D’Cruz said, “For last 20-25 years I have been trying to understand how the panchayat is functioning. I have realised that the building is there and the panchayat is there however there is no change.”

He further said, “I have been pursuing with the panchayat to tackle dog menace and garbage issue but nothing is happening. Gram sabha is postponing for petty reason and once announced then it should be held.”

Amit Naik said, “I had placed three proposals for the meeting which I was following up since last few gram sabha which were required to be taken up and due to petty reason there was no need reason to postpone the meet.”

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