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My experiments with music: Varun Ahuja’s journey as a composer

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He picked up the guitar when he was a four-year-old, and now 24 years later, Varun Ahuja doesn’t feel he could have done anything else other than playing music. The 28-year-old Delhi-based musician, has played at more than 2000 concerts, and has finally decided to record songs on his own. His latest single is with popular singer-songwriter — Lucky Ali. Titled Alvida, the song which was released in June, is Varun and Lucky’s dedication to the people in Kashmir.

“We decided that the song has a lot of hope, and the only way it sort of resonates is that people there need that. That’s how the song personally resonated with me. Obviously it wasn’t written with that intention, but after producing it, we decided we will dedicate it to the people of Kashmir,” says Varun. The song will also feature in the upcoming film, Mere Pass Baap Hai, which is directed by Faisal Simon, who incidentally has also written the song.

Varun can play a variety of instruments including guitars, percussion and piano, but he doesn’t want to fall in the trappings, that current music composers have succumbed to. “Today, everyone wants a hit song, and musicians have to abide by a five song ever day kind of clause, where they are forced to create a tune,” he says.

“I’ll explain it better. It took two years to create Alvida, because we wanted to keep on experimenting with the sound. So you will notice that it is sort of a conversation between Lucky Ali’s vocals and my guitars. That’s the idea. To keep on experimenting with the sound, so that people remember that song for the next 50 years. Not for the next two weeks. That’s the kind of trap I don’t want to fall into,” he says.

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