Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Started in the year 1928, Pedro Fernandes & Co is a music instrument store situated in an old heritage building in Panaji.  NT BUZZ gets details about the store that provides a lot more than just musical instruments


From Indian to Western and some Oriental instruments, Pedro Fernandes and Co offers almost all types of music instruments and accessories that one could ask for. Started by Pedro Fernandes in 1928, the store was later run by his son Albino and daughter-in-law, Violeta Fernandes. At present it is looked after by their sons Pierre and Ashly. “Back then, my grandfather Pedro used to be the violinist in silent movies filmed in Delhi and Mumbai. As a travelling musician Pedro would buy his requirements from elsewhere and as a result he created a network across India. Thus he decided to open a store of his own, which became the first music shop in Goa,” says Pierre.

During his parents’ time, Pierre says, it was a smaller business and they had basic items such as keyboards, electrical appliances accessories and processors. Since taking over, the brothers have added more depth. “We have multiplied the amount of instruments to more than three to four times the quantity that we used to get in,” he says. The store now has a variety of instruments like guitar, violin, flutes, drums, banjo and more.

Pierre says: “We also have the oud (an Arabic instrument) which nobody in Goa really keeps and many different instruments that a lot of regular music shops don’t have.” They have instruments for children who are as young as two-years-old and other age groups. These instruments are sourced from all over India and some are directly imported from other countries. Besides they also have  music and religious CDs only of local artistes so as to promote local talent. 

Apart from sales, Pierre states that they are the only store in Goa to have a full-fledged repair workshop. Talking about the specialty of their store, Pierre says that the store is not just a business but more about providing music. “We make sure that we educate people properly about the instruments despite them having teachers. Also, we see that they understand their instruments and know what they are buying. We don’t just hand them the instrument because it is more profitable for us. We give them what is right and according to the requirements,” he says adding that they also provide free after sales service for a year.

The store has been catering to customers for decades now and thus they have customers all over India, some across the world and in the state.

“We get travellers, a few people from abroad who especially come to us because they have been here before. So every time they are here they make sure to drop in to say hello even if they do not buy any item. That is the kind of relationship we have with our customers,” he says, adding that the reason they are in operation for so many years is because they make sure that customers are happy.

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