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Music for the mind and soul

Srajan Srivastava conducted a session on ‘The untold secrets for mental healing’ at the recent Nivaan Handpan and World Music Festival in Goa. NT BUZZ learns more about how music therapy is used to calm the mind and bring about mental wellness

Music lovers were treated to a different experience at The Nivaan Handpan and World Music Festival recently organised at the Montega Bay Beach Village, Morjim. Besides, getting to know more about the purity of the music, the fest also included performances by international handpan and Indian classical artistes, numerous workshops, and wellness sessions. It was one that led revelers on a journey of self exploration and healing.

Among the many performances and workshops, Srajan Srivastava also conducted a session on ‘The untold secrets for mental healing’ that focused on relaxing techniques.

Having stumbled upon the use of music as an extension of meditation through a decade long journey of exploring his inner self, he says: “Conventional meditation requires a lot of time and patience, which in today’s fast-paced life is not feasible. So the quick way to balance the mind-body-soul I found ‘by choice’ was through music. It’s passive but effective as proven by IIT-Kanpur research on ragas and its effect on brain.”

Speaking about how music and meditation can be used to create wellness of the body, mind and soul, Srivastava says that the universe is the manifestation of vibrations at a particular frequency. “Therefore if bad music can affect your mental stability, then good music can also heal it. A mere recitation of syllable AA-UU-MM, seven times every day can bring you the desired wellness,” he explains.

Srivastava adds that different people have different needs and while what may be loud or noise for some, may be fun and enjoyable for others. “So for your favourite choice, we have an internet library.”

Srivastava also focuses on space meditation, which he says is a great tool that helps calm the mind within minutes. Explaining how the technique works, he says: “It’s like taking any mantra and repeating it in the speed of your thoughts. Once the conscious mind is focused into the fast-paced mantra, it starts slowing it down and thereby increases gaps between the words. More the gaps are raised, more conscious the mind will be able to focus on the silence that brings about peace.”

And for the benefit of people, who couldn’t make it to the festival, but are in search of bliss, peace, and healing, Srivastava suggests that as per Indian rasa theory, any music which invokes calmness and/or joy in you is the perfect genre for oneself. And this could include Handpan Music, Tanpura C# music, Raga Darbari and Bhairavi which are among the best picks.

(Danuska Da Gama)

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