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Mural artist Lucas Beaufort paints his first mural at W Goa

W Goa unveiled its first mural by French mural artists, Lucas Beaufort. The artist’s main aim was to spread positivity through his artwork. His mural called ‘Bouloubilligoula’ is an intriguing artwork which is painted along the staircase leading to the poolside deck, WET. At the launch of the mural Lucas also painted a W Totem in black and gold while the audience watched. The W Totem painted by Lucas will be placed in the living room for guests to see.

Lucas has travelled across the globe and painted various artworks at various W Hotels worldwide like W Bangkok, W Singapore, W Shanghai, W Los Angeles, etc, with Goa with the latest W property. Lucas’ artwork is a representation of his passion for skateboards which are all about energy, precision and fearlessness.

General Manager, W Goa, Cajetan Araujo said: “Design is a key passion point for us at W Hotels and joining hands with Lucas Beaufort on this magnificent artwork only brings the passion point to life. It is a pleasure and honour to be a part of the global collaboration and have not just one but two pieces of Lucas’ unique art at W Goa.”

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