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MSWTP biogas plant to be commissioned today

Vasco: The director of Urban Development Dr Tariq Thomas have issued directions to the officials of the Department of Biological Sciences attached to Birla Institute of Science and Technology (BITS) Pilani K K Birla to commission the 5 tonne (TPD) capacity Biogas plant which is installed at Mormugao Solid Waste Treatment Plant (MSWTP) at Headland-Sada from May 18 onwards.

Dr Thomas inspected the biogas plant on Friday afternoon in the presence of MMC chief officer Agnelo Fernandes, associate professor of Department of Biological Sciences at BITS Pilani Goa campus Srikanth Mutnuri and other officials of MMC and directorate of municipal administration.

Speaking to this daily, Dr Thomas said, “The biogas plant is installed through CSR initiative under BITS Pilani Goa campus with the support of urban development ministry. The existing capacity of the plant is 5 tonne and subsequently the capacity of the existing plant will be increased to another 5 tonnes.”

“We need people’s support and cooperation in expanding the capacity of the plant. People should handover segregated waste to municipal authorities which can help run the biogas plant smoothly. At present the MMC generates 25 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis”, he said.

“The directorate of urban development is concentrating on tackling dry and wet garbage. The commissioning of biogas plant will make a difference in wiping out the menace of garbage from Mormugao municipal jurisdiction. We are looking forward as to how to make the plant better and how we can expand its capacity”, said Dr Thomas. He disclosed that the disposal of old waste at MSWTP at Headland-Sada will take another six months to one year.

Dr Thomas said that the biogas plant will produce electricity and the same will be used for running the plant. “The government is trying to push more and more capacity for augmentation, but it is very important that the people have to support the government and municipal authorities in segregating their waste”, said Dr Thomas.

He has however directed the municipal authorities to provide the required workers besides electricity and water connections for the smooth functioning of the biogas plant.

The officials of BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa campus has raised the concern over security in and around the biogas plant, wherein Dr Thomas has assured them to make immediate arrangements by directing the municipal authorities to re-construct a retaining wall on immediate basis. The director of urban development has planned his next visit to the MSWTP site on May 27 in order to take stock of the situation.

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