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Mother’s Day gifting ideas

Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney

May 13 is Mother’s Day and everyone has their own way of showing their mother they care and there’s no better day to tell your mama that you love her than Mother’s Day. No matter what your age or gender is, there is always something you can do for her to make her feel special. Let her have the day off, make her breakfast in bed, cook for her or take her out to lunch or dinner, present her with flowers or take her shopping. Speaking of shopping, while there are a variety of things in the market that you can buy her, you can never go wrong with fashion. Every woman wants to look her best and fashion is the sure way to go. The trick is to buy her something according to her personal style and that will definitely bring a smile to her face.

To make things simpler, I’ve categorised moms into different groups. Each mom fits into one or more groups. All you have to do is figure out which group your mother would fit into and get her something that she’ll like.

Moms who love style

I doubt there are any moms out there who don’t want to look stylish. Your mother’s personal style is what sets her apart from all other moms. You would want to give her something that will make her standout and make heads turn while her friends ask her where she got this item from and she beams with pride and informs them that it was a gift from her precious. That item could be a piece of statement jewellery, a stunning pair of sunglasses, a fabulous straw tote, an accessory like a belt or bag that is unique.

Moms who love luxury

Your mom deserves to be pampered and nothing says luxury like silk. Gift her a beautiful silk scarf, a silk nightgown or silk slippers. A luxurious cashmere sweater is something she will cherish in the cold winters. In case of non-clothing items, you can give her a bottle of perfume, bath salts, body oils or good quality skin care products. Alternatively you can get her a gift voucher for a day at the spa so she can be rejuvenated.

Moms who love classics

These kinds of moms are not only easy to shop for, but they never go out of style. Be it a pair of leather sandals, a black leather tote, a leather clutch, or a pack of lipsticks in classic shades, she will be happy to put it to good use.

Moms who love comfort

If your mom is always seen in her denim jeans and sneakers, then comfort sure takes precedence in her wardrobe. Get your mom something comfortable she can wear on a regular basis. Get her a great Tee shirt or a set of tees she can lounge around in, or a pair of flat shoes to go with everything. A pair of white converse kicks would go well with her denim jeans.

Moms who love bling:

If your mom loves a little sparkle, jewellery is the way to go. What kind of jewellery you gift her really depends on your budget besides her taste. While a brooch, watch or a pair of earrings are classic jewellery gifting ideas, you can customise these pieces to make it special and memorable. Gift her a necklace or pendant that symbolises bonding or make her a ring which has both your birthstones on it.

Moms who love nature

If your mother is a warrior for mother earth, get her some clothing in organic cotton. It would be better still if that clothing item would be dyed in vegetable dyes. She would also appreciate it if you would revamp and up-cycle an old piece of clothing that belongs to her and make it stylish and contemporary. Another creative idea would be to recycle old tee shirts with slogans to make funky shopping bags.

Moms who love fitness

Get your mom a pair of leggings or sneakers or some great organic cotton yoga clothes depending on her fitness routine. A brand new fitbit heart rate and fitness wristband can help her track her steps and heart rate. If you are into fitness as well, then you could get matching workout clothes that you can both wear when you work out together.

Moms who love crafts

Our country is a treasure trove of traditional crafts. Pick a state and get her a saree or dress material with the traditional weave, print or embroidery of that state. You can even find fashion items such as embroidered bags, shoes or belts, or traditional jewellery that she would appreciate.

Until next time, stay stylish!


(Writer is a fashion designer and is available at www.ninoshka.co.in)

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