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Mother Tongue Day Celebrated at KV Bambolim Camp


‘MatribhashaDiwas’ was celebrated at Kendriya Vidyalaya Bambolim Camp to promote the use of Mother Tongues and to achieve objectives. They include sensitising students about the need of greater use of Mother Tongue and other Indian Languages for development and progress of the Nation, to impart communication skills and proficiency in Mother Tongue and other Indian Languages amongst English-medium students, to support translations from other languages into Mother Tongue.

The activities included solo and group song competitions in different Indian languages that brought out the language diversity of India and its rich heritage. With a view to encourage  the use of mother tongue a  few  spoken sentences were introduced to give a flavour of different  languages  together, with a  speech in English  highlighting the importance of mother tongues  thus creating a fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural  traditions  so as to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue. Earlier the principal of the school P K Chandran with his humorous anecdotes   succeeded   in infusing a feeling of pride in the students for their mother tongue.


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