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More choice for bebinca lovers

It is more choice for lovers of traditional Goan sweets with new brand, JMR Bebinca launching in all super markets, general stores and Kaju shops in Margao, Panaji, Mapusa and Calangute. The brand is owned by businessman, Ulrique Rodrigues who scripted his early childhood in the household of traditional bebinca-makers and mastered the art of choosing raw products that help in blending and homogenization.

Rodrigues says that he named the brand after his father, John Menin Rodrigues. “Getting the right coconut and squeezing coconut milk is the secret of making good bebinca,” he said. He personally assures that the right coconut is plucked and as per his experience prefers the Benaulim variety of coconut. Born in coastal village of Utorda, he has naturally mastered the art of choosing the right coconut and flour.

Another ingredient which is important is egg. “The yolk of country hen eggs is the perfect one but is difficult to get in bulk. The ghee, nutmeg, sugar and flour, also plays an important role in the sweet,” says Rodrigues, adding that, the flour should have the right consistency. When the Portuguese established “Estado da Índia Goa” in the fifteenth century, they bestowed the art of baking bread in Goa. They choose Majorda, Utorda for their pilot project as bebinca traces its roots to Portugal.

Rodrigues experience in the food industry, both in marketing and production, is of 30 years. He says that, JMR Bebinca has a product shelf life of four months as it is vacuum packed by modern machinery and conforms to FDA standards.

The product is prized at Rs 200 for 500 gram package and Rs 100 for 250 grams package. Other products of JMR are croquette, beef samosa, beef chops and


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