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Written by Augie D’Mello and directed by Shantaram Pawar, this impressive entry in the Kala Academy Tiatr Competition takes a very serious look at the medical profession, which has turned into a money-making business for some doctors and hospital management. Instead of adhering to the Hippocrates oath, they resort to all kinds of rackets to make money.

The tiatr narrates a story of a happy family. The husband Nelson, works abroad, has a good income, and looks after the family comprising of his wife Ninoshka, daughter Sarena and son Manvin. All is well! Down in Goa for a holiday, Nelson is visited by a doctor friend who advises various health checks, as the man is advancing in age. The reports tell of a cancer. The peace of the family is shattered. Finances are difficult and the turmoil begins. Watch what happens later as the tiatr reaches an impressive climax with some good advice.

Augie writes a well-researched script, the situations are enacted in style and the direction is good too. The actors do well and the humour has moments that create ripples in the audience. There are good songs and a fine band. Sets by Kiran Barve look good, light effects from Deepak Amonkar are timely and Sunny Rawool provides the background. The cast has Pedrinha Mello as Ninoshka and Slyster Cardozo as Nelson, they make a loving couple. Jlynna Fernandes acts well as the daughter while Weldroy Fernandes plays the son. Francis D’Souza is apt as the unscrupulous doctor, Jason Braganza is his righteous son and Hazel Edward makes a fine receptionist. Vinod Kumbarjuvenkar is the man with the ‘mohem’ mask. Erika Rodrigues, Tushar Manjrekar, Danelza Travasso and Cecil Fernandes lend good support. Madonna Fernandes is great in the comedy and Preet Pawar supports well.

The band has Roy (saxophone), Shannon (trumpet), Sammy (trombone), Nigel (keyboard), Benny (bass)and Xavier (drums). The big band provides good music to back the various songs. Shirlie Camilo renders the opening song. There is a variety of songs from Sivan, Jlynna, Joselyn, Ruella, Mashada, Blena, Domnic, Shirlie, Clancy, Madonna, Weldroy, Jayden, Clancy, Corallee, Damaciano, and Shirlie. Two solos from Peter Camilo, especially the one on migration to London, are good and a quartet from Pearl-Maclin-Coralee-Charlotte on ‘Vibrant Goa’ is superb. Watch this show. It is very interesting and has lots to tell.

 ‘Kal, aiz ani sodankal’

Willie Silveira’s Lenten play, ‘Kal Aiz ani Sodanka’, sheds light on the love of God and His forgiveness to all who repent.

The curtain opens on a house in Dubai. The elderly Daniel has been invited by his son, Sydney, for a holiday. Sydney is married to Jasmine. The father requests the son and daughter in law for some things which are not that difficult to provide. But the young couple who seem to be well-off, make excuses. When Sydney leaves for work, a salesman named Johny comes visiting. The old man doubts the behaviour of this salesman and Jasmine. The young wife is questioned. Something fishy seems to be going on. Jasmine decides the old man is a thorn in the flesh and accuses him of molestation. The father is sent back to Goa. Sydney’s problems have just begun.

The play narrates problems faced by many couples. Misunderstandings, doubts and extra marital affairs happen in many families. But if the love is strong and with the help of the Almighty, things will change. The love of God and forgiveness is part of life. The dialogues by the angel to convince and the devil to tempt are written well although the costumes used on these seem quite weird. There is good acting, humorous moments, and some of the songs are good to hear. Shenaya once again proves her mettle in a negative role as the unfaithful wife. Willy is her loving husband, who does have some faults too. Pascoal is aptly cast as the old father and Michael acts well as his friend. Johny is Johny and the humour is provided by Alina, with John D’Silva, Gabby and Pitush. The highlight is a wonderful entry by Scully, both funny and enjoyable, in the pre interval act.

The band has Selwyn, Christo (trumpets), Arif (keyboard), Joman (bass) and Ashok (drums). The music is good. Scully and Willie render the opening song with style. There are good songs from Shenaya, Scully, Alina, Michael, Jr Reagan, Evaristo, Rosario de Benaulim, Pascoal and Gabby. The solo by Tommy Alfonso narrating the life of a person who lived in the fast lane, is superb both in composition and rendition. Watch the show.

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