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The ordinary meeting of Mapusa Municipal Council being held at the new premises on Monday

MMC to rehabilitate owners of 13 kiosks located along Parra road


MAPUSA: Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC), during its ordinary meeting held on Monday, resolved to allot new stalls to the owners of 13 kiosks, located along Mapusa Parra road, on first floor of the building constructed near the taxi stand in the town.

The work on widening of the Mapusa- Parra road is being taken up due to which the kiosks would be displaced.

The widening of the road from Gandhi Chowk to Parra is being taken up through Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA).

The owners of the thirteen kiosks located on the roadside have expressed their willingness to move to the new location. The matter was taken up during the meeting, and it was resolved to rehabilitate the kiosk owners.

The council held detailed deliberation on size of the stalls to be allocated to kiosk owners as the kiosks vary in size.

The council resolved to allot the kiosk owners stalls on the first floor of the building located opposite the taxi stand against a security deposit of Rs 1.60 lakh and a monthly rent of Rs 150 for the current area of the kiosk and Rs 200 per sq mt for additional area that would be given to them. Addressing the council meeting, chairperson Sandip Falari made it clear to all the councillors that all decisions will be taken only during council meeting, and so they should not make any commitment on behalf of the council on their own.

A resolution to issue permission for repair work and transfer of house tax of the illegal houses assessed by the municipality was also passed. The council decided to allow minor repairs of the illegal houses by imposing licence fee of minimum Rs 5,000 and a transfer of house tax to a blood relation by collecting transfer fee of Rs 2,000.

It was also resolved not to allow major repairs like casting of concrete slab for extension of these houses.

In order to ease the flow of traffic in the town, the council  decided to install traffic signals and traffic blinkers at various locations such as Gandhi Chowk, pedestrian crossing, court junction, Aldona taxi stand, Tar and Karaswada junction.

The installation of traffic signals was suggested by traffic cell PI Roy Pereira and MMC had received a proposal from Digital Designer, Porvorim for installing traffic signals on sponsorship basis for a period of 10 years in the town.  The council resolved to undertake collection of sopo departmentally from the stalls which would be put at the fair on the occasion of Bodgeshwar jatra and Milagres feast.

It was also decided to permit the fair on occasion of the jatra for 8 days and on the occasion of Milagres feast for 10 days and not to grant further extension.

The council nominated councillor Joshua D’Souza as member on Goa Meat Complex committee, and Anant Mishal on North Goa District Planning Committee. It was also resolved to provide a table-size space on Friday and Sunday at exit door of fish market to a member of Community Development Society.

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