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Mixing technology with creativity this Ganesh

The Ganesh dekhava at Mala has gone completely eco-friendly this year with the team trying for a Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records. NT BUZZ brings forth the highlights and details of the dekhava
With the advancements in technology every passing year new innovations are coming to light. The Ganesh dekhava, at Mala organised by Yuva has taken innovation a notch higher by introducing the concept of shadow control. The Ganesh idol here is completely made of eco-friendly material like sawdust, paper and match sticks. Mala being the last area under Portuguese is known for having a historical relevance. The Ganesh dekhava at Mala will be held from September 5 till September 17 at the Fonte Phoenix (Mala spring), Mala. The famous ‘Fonte Phoenix’ at Mala at the foot of the Marutigad is a famous tourist destination. The spring or Zhar is ancient but the structure was constructed in between 1851-55.
Over the past few years, Yuva, a youth led NGO association has extensively involved itself in social and cultural activities such as Swach Bharat programmes, free health camp for women etc. For this NGO the Ganesh dekhava is a platform where the boys or the members can showcase their creativity and talent. “We have been doing such dekhava’s for the past three years,” says vice president of YUVA, Raghuvir Mahale. Yuva has won district best youth organisation award and the state best youth organisation award under Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India. Coming up with a new theme every year and setting the benchmark higher, the team has brought into practice what they have learnt in their schooling years.
In the first year the team demonstrated a scene from Mahabharata using robotics, the second year the Ganesh dekhava could be controlled using an app. This year the team has gone a step further and has introduced shadow control to the dekhava. “Every year we have used creativity as well as technology to bring out the best we can,” says Raghuvir.
To promote the eco-friendly concept, Yuva has made the idol using biodegradable material. The lotus and the clothes are made of sawdust and match sticks ground finely to differentiate it from the body tone. The body is made up of approximately 28,000 match sticks which are fixed in a standard manner throughout. At first glance itself, this idol will leave you awestruck keeping you completely engrossed in admiring the detailing in the idol. The most interesting part of this whole idea is the use of shadow which is the heart and soul of the whole scene. Raghuvir adds: “Everything is controlled through shadow; as soon as the shadow of the person falls on the equipments everything present in the scene will start performing its own task.” To further enhance the complexity of the whole dekhava several other scenes like that of a mouse sprinkling water, a crocodile trying to eat a mouse, have been incorporated.
The work of creating this idol started a month back with the involvement of nearly 20 to 25 Yuva members. The team has tried for a Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records after their successful attempt of creating a good dekhava last year. “We have tried to do a record of making a Ganesh idol, 10 feet in height using 25,000 match sticks,” he says.
The idea of creating a dekhava at Mala was inspired by the one at Marcel which is famous for its creativity. “We wanted to show that anyone in Goa can create a beautiful idol using creativity and innovation,” says Raghuvir.
Yuva through this initiative wants to also encourage the Swarch Bharat programme and promote the eco friendly concept in a creative as well as innovative approach. “We will be continuing this concept regularly to create a sense of awareness that such innovative concepts can be made and connected with festivity. We want to show that besides clay and plaster of Paris (POP), idols can be made using other biodegradable things of daily use like match sticks,” says Raghuvir.

(The Ganesh dekhava will be held from September 5 till September 17 at the Fonte Phoenix (Mala spring), Mala from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Entry is open to all)

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