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Mission: Save Goa


Almost every Indian has had to face corruption in different situations. Even those who want no part of it can sometimes get trapped in the vicious web. In fact it is only a very few who manage to stay clear of it.

Concerned about this scenario and resolute about the need for corruption to end, tiatr writer-director, Saby de Divar released his third tiatr ‘Goyem Konnachem?’ in April this year.

The tiatr which is all set to complete 50 shows on July 8 revolves around the theme of   corruption and illegal happenings in our society.  The tiatr centres around the family of a minister who is married to a migrant. His wife’s brother, who comes down to Goa is involved in the drug trade and manages to trap a lot of innocent people in his crimes. Owing to the minster’s power, the brother-in-law manages to escape getting caught. But this does not stop a sincere policeman from trying his best to capture him. But the brother-in-law cleverly twists the story.  Will the policeman be able to tackle the situation? Will he save himself from getting trapped into a crime? Or will he keep quiet due to the pressure of the minister and his power? The rest of the tiatr provides the answers.

As is evident, Saby has highlighted how ministers misuse their power. All it takes is one call to a minister for the culprit to go scot-free. The victim rarely gets justice.

Indeed, in current times, Goans are been cheated so often that they have lost hope. “Today, people have started to think twice whether they should file a police complaint at all when something goes wrong. They have begun doubting if they will get the justice. This is because they know everything works as per authority and money power,” says Saby, while reminiscing about the days when things were different.  A common man, back then, he says, knew that if they would fight against a wrong doing, they would get justice. Now, however, even the court can manipulate your case.  “Now justice depends on the money you pay to get it!” states Saby.

Saby thus wants to wake Goans up and correct this situation. He believes that rather than questioning, ‘what can we do?’, Goans need to stand up before the situation worsens. “Migrants who are based here consider that Goa is theirs. People in authority call it theirs. If we keep on thinking that we cannot do anything, we will lose Goa,” he adds. It is the responsibility of Goans to get together and make themselves strong enough to fight for Goa, he says.

Another key point that Saby seeks to highlight is the attitude towards police in general. Police inspectors are often looked at as corrupt people. However, he has created a character of a non-corrupt police inspector in his tiatr. “Just because one person in a department takes a bribe, one should not generalise that everyone in the department is the same. There are many police officers who are against corruption and do their job sincerely,” he says. His wife, Tacila Gonsalves is acting as a police inspector in this tiatr.

With singing being his forte, Saby’s tiatrs often have a variety of kaantaras from solo, duo, duet and trio. In this tiatr, he has introduced his son, Aushmin by the stage name Jr Divar. In fact, the father-son duo sings a comedy kaantar for the first time. In all, there are 11 kaantaras and three caants in this tiatr. The themes of the songs vary from political to comedy.

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