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Ministers & MLAs take commission, that’s why roads with potholes: Contractor

Who is responsible for the potholes all over Goa on the roads? The rains? Cotractors? Government? No. The corrupt system of politicians taking commission from the contractors. And who has been ultimately blamed for this commission culture? You, the Voter! The general public who expects the MLA and minister to give donations for everything.

It was a Rannamlem with a difference. Konne Ghatlem Amka Fonddant? This was the topic. There were spokespersons from the BJP as well as Congress. Premanand Mahambrey and Sankalp Amonkar. Also artist and activist Cecille Rodrigues, whose dance video is still going viral on social media. But the fourth panellist made a difference. Contractor Mohandas Lolayekar.

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