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Mining areas deprived of rightful funds, 186 Cr lying unused with Govt

It is shocking. Mineral Foundation has collected almost 187 crore rupees in last four years to help the mining-affected areas. Total 12 projects of public utility have been identified. But only one crore has been spent till date. That too only on drinking water. Which is hardly half a per cent of the total funds.

Watch this website of Directorate of Mines of Goa government. This is a section on District Mineral Foundations. 

Watch what’s written in this right side corner. The total collection from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2019. Total amount is approximately 187 crore rupees. 96 crores from the North and 91 crore from the South. The district foundations had to spend this entire fund to help the mining affected areas. 

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