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Minimum Profit, Maximum Turnover


Some years ago, all the shops in the market of Goa were in the hands of Goans. They managed their business successfully. Today, in Canacona, the shops in possession of Goans are less than fifty percent. The situation in the rest of Goa is equally bad and sad. The fact remains that a buyer cannot buy or a lessee cannot take on lease anything unless a seller sells it or a lessor leases it. There are, of course, a few cases where Goans have quit business for personal reasons. The others have disposed off their shops and business and parked their money in banks. How wise was this decision to give up successful business and get negative returns from banks with declining interest rates vis-à-vis inflation? They will never be able to buy back what they sold due to skyrocketing prices. Therefore, in the interest of Goa and Goans our businessmen should hold what they have which will help Goans to get jobs since others don’t employ Goans but people from their respective States. However, two things that our businessmen should bear in mind are : a) give up the policy of minimum turnover and maximum profit. Go for minimum profit, maximum turnover. It pays and b) stop the afternoon siesta which the Portuguese taught Goans and keep their shops open during the afternoon. Also open them in time in the morning. You cannot survive in this competitive world by keeping your shops closed for 17 to 18 hours a day. We are there to patronize you. But help us to help you and also the cause of the welfare of Goans.

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