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MGP senior leader and Minister Sudin Dhavalikar addressing the gathering during the inauguration of the party office at Ponda

MGP to focus on mobilising grassroot workers in Ponda: Dhavalikar


PONDA: Keeping an eye on the municipal election scheduled next month in Ponda, the MGP is trying its best to revamp its hold by inaugurating its office in the town on Sunday. Minister Dhavalikar said that the party is focussing on strengthening its roots and will be supporting a good candidate for the municipality election.

The supporters of Dr Ketan Batikar claimed that he would be an MLA candidate for the MGP in the next elections, however Dhavalikar said, “Opening an office in Ponda does not mean Batikar is our next candidate for Ponda as elections are four years away. Presently the party needs to revamp its hold in Ponda by reaching out to more and more people in the town”, said Dhavalikar while addressing the gathering.

Along with him Dr Ketan Bhatikar, Abhay Prabhu, PMC councillors and MGP supporters were present for the function. MGP president Deepak Dhavalikar and ex MLA of Ponda Lavu Mamledar skipped the function.

Speaking further, Dhavalikar said that the Ponda office will serve as a centre to spread the message of the party and similarly new offices will be opened in Curti and Bethoda in the future. Presently the party’s focus will be on the municipality elections. Though the municipality elections are not on party lines, we will work for the supporters of the MGP, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Batikar assured the gathering of the party’s best interest in serving the people of the town. During the function speakers expressed their willingness to see Dr Bhatikar as the future MLA of Ponda.

It may be recalled that the MGP’s ex-MLA Lavu Mamletdar suffered a major loss in the last assembly election where the party failed to get even a 20 per cent vote share.

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