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Mentor: May I help you to start a business?

Michael Fisher finds out how young start-ups are boosting their career by becoming business counselors

It is 9 pm and Jivanand has folded his collapsible Kiosk in Rassaim. He has made a tidy sum of money, but his day is yet over. When he gets home he researchers what session he has to deliver to budding entrepreneurs at his 9 to 5 job. Will it be effective he hopes?

Many of the world’s famous entrepreneurs have mentors. The rich and famous understands that success is not a one-man performance and mentors can help keep their business innovative and relevant he tells them. In this case the Business Counselor – Jivanand Gaude 26, a B.Com works in the day with the Centre for Incubation Business Acceleration (CIBA) in Verna, and runs his kiosk late evening.

Part of his work assignments is to deliver Business Counseling sessions to budding entrepreneurs who showed keen interest. They are taught to be open to different perspectives and adaptable to change. In his session he would tell the audience that Mark Zuckerberg Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook, Flipkart Founder Sachin Bansal had mentors. As time went by Gaude noticed that some of the mentees have started their own business and are happy, but inside him he was a disturbed person.

Gaude’s share of troubles started four years ago, when he was without a freelance job and studying to be a graduate.  His father was a welder and used to take welding contracts but due to his ill health he had to call it a day. Suddenly, the onus of the family comprising five members including mother rested on Jivanand.

After struggling for a job he got a breakthrough at CIBA as a Project coordinator. With sheer determination and hard work he started engaging in sessions related to entrepreneurship development throughout Goa on his own. As time passed by he gained lot of experience in the work but his personal problems also grew as his sister’s marriage was approaching for which he took a loan of Rs4 lakhs.

To make ends meet he was offered to try his luck in Dubai, apparently there were no jobs there that fitted into his qualifications so he had to return to Goa and took up a job at Fr Agnel’s CIBA. While he was helping more and more entrepreneurs to start small but think big, he decided to transform what he taught into his real life practice so he ordered a specially designed kiosk (gadda) and installed it near Chowgule shipbuilding yard in Rassaim.

In his job he had developed enough entrepreneurial competencies to take up a risk. He always remembers the words of his CEO  J M Noronha who drilled into them that in life you should always pursue your dream and all things will fall in place automatically.

“Today my daily turnover from the kiosk averages Rs1,500 to Rs2000 it has helped me to pay off the loan’. He adds 9 to 5 is my regular job with CIBA and after 6 pm I work in the Kiosk.

Calling it “Aapa gadda” the specialty is Ras Omlet with chicken and two pavs cost Rs40 is a hit and sells out.  Besides other Goan dishes is the chilly chicken. Now there’s some stability in the family.

I have a dream to set up a restaurant in the industrial estate am already working on it, Jivanand says smilingly.

This clearly demonstrates the ambition and drive Goans have to create a business, says CIBA Manager Amey Karmali. I am pleased that Start-Up Loans are helping more and more entrepreneurs who start small but think big to transform their ideas into viable, growing businesses.

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