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Meeting in Carmona today to discuss eco-tourism project



The village panchayat of Carmona will hold a meeting of villagers on Saturday to discuss the issue of the 90,000 square metre of paddy and mangrove area that has been proposed to be converted to make way for an eco-tourism project.

The Town and Country Planning (TCP) has earlier this month published a list of proposals for land conversions including 90,000 square metre of paddy and mangrove area that was sought for an eco-tourism project in Carmona.

Though the TCP has only recommended 10,000 square metres of the area for conversion into settlement zone with 5 per cent FAR, locals in the village have opposed it vehemently.

The locals have questioned the government’s intention in approving such a project even as it is  promoting agriculture.

Speaking about the meeting, sarpanch Allwyn Jorge said a resolution against it would be taken at the meeting.

“The main agenda for the meeting to be held on Saturday is to hear what the people have to say about the project. From the first impression, all the locals are against it and we will listen to them and take a resolution based on it,” he said.

He further said that a discussion and resolution on the notification of the office of the Chief Town Planner (Planning) regarding the application of Bullion Infra Structure for change of zone of 90,000 square metres of paddy fields, water body and mangrove area would be taken.

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