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Meagre rise in defence allocation to hit critical purchases


New Delhi

The Defence Ministry coffer gets a 5.83 per cent more money in Union Budget 2020-2021 compared with the estimate of last financial budget.

The ministry gets only 1.97 per cent more this budget when compared with revised budget of the previous year.  

The critical purchases of arms and ammunition will hit roadblock with less money in defence coffer. 

Further, the ministry only gets Rs 3,183.64 crore more which is 2.76 per cent in the next financial year for critical procurement in the budget when compared with revised budget of current financial year.  

The total budget allocation for the Defence Ministry is Rs 3,37,553 crore wherein the revenue head is Rs 2,18,998 crore and total capital outlay is Rs 1,18,555 crore. 

In Union Budget 2019-2020, the total allocation for the ministry was Rs 3,18,931.22 core in which revenue head got Rs 2,10,682.42 crore and capital outlay was Rs 1,08,248.8 crore.

The ministry sought more funds from the government and as per the revised budget for 2019-2020, the total allocation to the ministry comes to Rs 3,31,009.66 crore where in revenue head got Rs 2,15,638.3 crore and capital outlay is Rs 1,15,371.36 crore. 

The total capital outlay is Rs 1,18,555 crore which is Rs 3,183.64 crore more (2.76 per cent) compared with revised budget and Rs 10,306.2 more (9.52 per cent) when compared with Union Budget 2019-2020 budget estimate.  

Indian Army gets Rs 1,79,332.89 crore and in 2019-20 the force got Rs 1,70,962.35 and in revised budget it was allocated Rs 173627.43 crore. 

Indian Navy gets Rs 49623.02 core and in 2019-2020 the force had got Rs 45368.14 crore. In revised budget the force allocation is Rs 48943.14 crore. 

Indian Air Force gets Rs 73244.57 crore and in 2019-2020 it was allocated Rs 68904.33 crore. In revised budget, the force was allocated Rs 74820.83 crore.

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