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Mapusa police station’s power supply ‘disconnected’ over ‘dues’



The electricity department, on Friday, disconnected power supply of Mapusa police station for almost three-four hours over ‘non-payment’ of dues. The supply was restored in the afternoon.

The power supply to the police station was disconnected at around 9.30 on Friday morning.

Following that the issue was taken up with higher officials and also with Mapusa MLA Joshua D’Souza.

Even Power Minister Nilesh Cabral was informed about the issue.  He then directed the electricity officials to restore the power supply.

Subsequently, in the afternoon at around 1.45 the power supply was restored. 

PI Kapil Nayak confirmed about the power disconnection over the dues.

Sources informed that the power supply was restored without a payment being made, however, assurance has been given that within next few days the payment would be made.

The sources informed that Mapusa MLA was informed about the disconnection, who then took up the matter with the Power Minister.

“I was informed about disconnection. Then I raised the issue with Power Minister, who then  directed electricity officials to restore supply to police station. I have also asked them (Home Department) to clear the dues,” informed D’Souza.

As per the information available, a bill to the tune of Rs 19 lakh is pending over a period of around one year from June 2018 to July 2019. In this connection, the electricity department had also issued a notice to the police station, and accordingly on Friday morning at around 9.30 power supply was disconnected.

The sources informed that last year for a period of around 5 months, the police station had not received any power bill as the bills were allegedly dispatched to Mapusa fire

The police station then got a copy of the latest bill amounting to Rs 2 lakh for the period of March 2018 to May 2018, and was cleared, however, when the next bill was received in June 2018 it reflected the arrears of Rs 2 lakh. Following which correspondence began between the two departments.

When contacted, executive engineer Pradip Narvekar denied of disconnecting power supply of the police station.

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